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1 ColourCurrency Converter
MakeModelYearDetailsPriceGT Ref
RolandPraktica+NP1985,35x50cm,Alchol damping,NEW rollers, N+P system,Mabeg Feeder,Worked very limited period,Very Good condition - in production.... (more)12,000 Euro8C1-M1159
RolandPraktika PRZ 00 2/0-1/1E1983Rolandmatic.series 5102 serial 14268.in production.... (more)Make offer8C1-M0707
RolandRekord RKT 3B199072x102,3B.83 Mio imp,alcohol dampening,chromed cylinders,super blue,series 641 serial 17548B.in production. Pictures:... (more)50,000 US$Pic8C1-M0851

2 ColourCurrency Converter
MakeModelYearDetailsPriceGT Ref
Man Roland2021994Dampening - Quick lock plate clamps with Bacher register - chromed impression cylinder available now... (more)€ 1970009B18-L4853
MAN ROLANDRoland RZK 3BE19922 coulor offsetprinting machine RZK 3 B with perfector, rolandmatic format 72 x 102cm 70,5 mio copies... (more)15,000 GBP CIFPic9A14-R2320
Man-RolandR-302-H-Ob-P1996No. of Impressions (millions): 58 Sheet Size: 53.00 x 74.00 cms 20.00" x 29.00" inches Specification: 2-colour MAN Roland R 302 H Ob P convertible 2/0 - 1/1 perfecting max. paper size 53 x 74 cm age 1996 ink remote control RCI ROLANDMAT... (more)By RequestPic9A24-B1246
Roland RZK 3B 1/1E199082 Mio imp, Rci,Rolandmatic,Weko powder,series 654 serial 22359B. Press will be sold with brand new sets of water&ink rollers. in production.... (more)130,000 USDPic8C1-L4948
Roland RZK 3B 1/1E198983 Mio Imp,conventional dampening,series 649 serial 20493B.in production.... (more)Make offerPic8C1-L5155
Roland202 E200572cm x 52cm - 28" x 20.5" RCI Ink Control Remote EPL (semi automatic plate loader) Rolandmatic Powder Spray Weko Baldwin Blanket Cylinders Washer Board Guides Double Sheets Automatic Control Device Chromed Cylinders Vacuum feed-board Refrig... (more)135,000 EuroPic8B8-U1057
RolandR 202 TOB199123 Mio imp only!!Rolandmatic,series 257 serial 23359B.in production.... (more)45,000 EuroPic8C1-L5619
RolandRZF OB+UV198952 x 72 ,2 colors+UV,62 Million Imp, Good condition -in production.... (more)75,000 EuroPic8C1-L5801
RolandRZK 3B 1/1E1989,129 Mio imp,conventional dampening,series 649 serial 20488B.in production.... (more)Make offerPic8C1-L5314
RolandRZK 3B 1/1E1987210 Mio imp,Conventional dampening,perfector 1/1-2/0,in production,good working conditions,Series 644,serial 18561B.... (more)Make offerPic8C1-L5428
Roland RekordRZK 3 B19791 ROLAND REKORD RZK 3 B : - Twocolours size 71x102 cms. straight machine - Year 1979 Serie 608, water dampening with refrigeration system - Table control for the inks and plates registers installed in 2006 - In production, available immediatel... (more)17000 euro CIFPic8K21-K0152

4 ColourCurrency Converter
MakeModelYearDetailsPriceGT Ref
MAN ROLAND2041990RCI + CCI - Rolandmatic dampening - Weko T66 powder spray - quick lock plate clamps - sheet decurler, working perfectly still running in production and test possible, 396 Million Impression Count. Good Condition... (more)100,000 EURPic8G19-E2158
Man Roland204 TOB1998Number of Impression:110 mio ROLANDMATIC dampening RCI plate scanner max. paper size 520x740 mm smallest size 280x406 mm image area 510x735 mm plate size 605x740 mm speed 12.000 sh/h power consumption 25 kw length 5185 mm width 2710 mm... (more)45,500 GBP CIFPic9D3-B5649
MAN Roland704 3B P20044 color Installed in 2005, clean under power in production EU, CCI, RCI Piab air supply, TEHNOTRANS cooling and regfrigeration(water cooled) preparation for alcho free printing APL, ITC, Blanket and impression wash, Airglide delivery Telepresence. St... (more)65,000 Euro9B5-G1053
MAN Roland704 sw1999Impression count 160 mill. Perfecting device for priniting 2+2,4+0 APL automated plate change RCI remote control for ink and register adjustment CCI Ink regulation Automated blanket washer Automated impression cylinder washer Automated roller... (more)Euro 285 000Pic9D20-L4831
Man RolandR 304 H OB19961996 Roland 304 Year: 1996 Color :4 Number of impression: 76 mio Roland 304 4/ 0, 2 /2 Powder... (more)40.000 GBP CIFPic9D24-V5816
Man RolandR 304 OB2005MANROLAND R 304 OB Year: 2005 Color:4 Number of Impression: 98 Mio Technical data: Man Roland R304 0B Used offset printing machine, MAN Roland R304 0B Electromechanical Electronic control system and ultrasonic double sheet d... (more)150,000 GBP CIFPic9E2-N0335
MAN-Roland104-T 011994Technical data: with RCI, 4-color, Built in 1994, Format: 65x48cm 30 million print, convertible perfecting 2 / 2 spare set of rollers... (more)102000 CIFPic9A13-N4850
ROLAND R 304 H0B SW2000max. paper size 530x740 mm smallest size 260x400 mm image area 510x735 mm plate size 605x740 mm speed 15.000 sh/h power consumption 48 kw length 5825 mm width 2900 mm height 1870 mm perfecting between unit 2+2 ; 4-0 ROLANDMATIC dampening sy... (more)70,000 GBP CIFPic9A24-D3656
Roland28x40 Rekord19804 Color press with upgraded alcohol dampening System Perfect Condition and operating condition.... (more)120,000 USDPic8H18-J2907
RolandR 204 HOB+L19931993 Roland R204 HOB+L,55 Mio imp,Rci,Rolandmatic,IR dryer,high pile delivery.coating unit,series 262 serial 24794B.in production.... (more)130,000.00Pic8C1-L2206
RolandR 704 / 4-01996Machines-No. 26XXX Series 721 Year: 1996 Impr: 158 million RCI Roland-Matic Delta dampening PPL machine. 4-0 record changer machine Roland MABEG NonStop investors Eltosch IR / hot air dryers Grafix HITRONIC S powder apparatus exwork including all nec... (more)40,000 GBP CIFPic8L9-M4853
ROLANDR 704 3B1996Year : 1996 Colour: 4 Number of impression:175 mio Serial Number: Max. paper size 740x1040 mm Smallest size 340x480 mm Image area 715x1020 mm Speed 15.000 s/h Length 11698 mm Width 3450 mm Height 2140 mm Straight machine Central air suppl... (more)55,000 GBP CFIPic9D3-D1527

5 ColourCurrency Converter
MakeModelYearDetailsPriceGT Ref
KBA104-51995Dear Colleagues, Due to a Closing of large print shop We are now accepting offers for the following equipment,all equipment is in production ready for print test and delivery. All equipment for sale Individually or as package. Located 20... (more)8E4-V3531
Man-RolandR-705-3b+LV2002No. of Impressions (millions): 24 Sheet Size: 74.00 x 104.00 cms 29.00" x 41.00" inches Specification: 5-colour MAN Roland R 705-3b + LV max. paper size 74 x 104 cm 5 printing units + coating unit (chamber duct) + extended delivery age 20... (more)By RequestPic9A24-B0001
Roland705-3b+L19961996 Roland 705-3b+L .5 colour straight printing Year c.: 74 x 104 cm Mileage: c. 208,000,000 impressions Location: Status: Available... (more)Pic9H8-V3205
Roland RekordRFK 3 B + L19861 ROLAND REKORD RFK 3 B + LACK - Fivecolours size 71x102 cms. + lack unit - Serie 634 year 1986 - Rolandmatic dampening, 47 mil. copies - Hot air dryer, air drums, non stop feeder, antistatic bar - Refrigeration system, RCI with inks and plate... (more)56000 euro LOC.Pic8K21-K0913
ManRolandR 705-3b + LV 2002No. of Impressions (millions): 24 Sheet Size: 74... (more)165,000 GBP CIFPic9C20-O0238
ROLAND R 705+L2001Number of impression: 125mio Technical details M... (more)151,000 GBP CIFPic9C20-M1430

6 ColourCurrency Converter
MakeModelYearDetailsPriceGT Ref
MAN Roland306+L1999Type: ROLAND 306 H 6/0-1/5-2/4 Built: 1999 print: approximately 100 million number of printed works: 6 Format: 530 x 740 mm extras: CCI color control system, CPL automated plate changing , Color Temperature, Feuchtwasserkühlgerät connection with cont... (more)120,000 GBP CIFPic8L19-S0225
MAN Roland306+L1999ROLAND 306 H 6/0-1/5-2/4 Built: 1999 print: 76 million number of impression : 6 Format: 530 x 740 mm extras: CCI color control system, CPL automated plate changing , Color Temperature, Feuchtwasserkühlgerät connection with control, board leadership,... (more)270,000 GBP CIFPic9C27-O2320
MAN RolandR306 PP H OB 23"x29"19961996 MAN Roland R306PP H OB 23"x29"(US Format) with 103 Millions, Double perfector between PU 1 & 2, 2 & 3 Mabeg Feeder with non stop High pile delivery with non stop Preset fro central consloe RCI II CPL with cocking Automatic Blanket, Impre... (more)US $ 160,000Pic9A12-S0400
MAN RolandR706 3B-LV19971997 MAN Roland R706 3B-LV, Sheet size: 29" x 41" , Complete with: RCI remote control inking; CCI, Rolandmatic damping; Coater; Automatic plate hangers; Remote register adjustment; Technotrans refrigeration and recirculation unit; Ink temperature con... (more)56,000 EuroPic9A29-I3649

8+ ColourCurrency Converter
MakeModelYearDetailsPriceGT Ref
RolandRoland 708 3B+L19971997 Used Roland 708 3B+L RCI Rolandmatic Dampening Refrigeration and Recirculation System PPL Automatic Blanket Wash Automatic Ink Roller Wash Automatic Impression Cylinder Wash Pierry IR Dryer Grafix Powder Spray Unit Perfects 2-... (more)220,000.00EURPic8D26-R5322

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