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2 ColourCurrency Converter
MakeModelYearDetailsPriceGT Ref
KomoriGS2282002No. of Impressions (millions): 29 Sheet Size: 52.00 x 72.00 cms 20.00" x 28.00" inches Specification: Komori GS228 Age: 2002 Circa 29.5 million impressions Equipped With: Komorimatic alcohol damping, Pre-ink and de-ink (KPD), Built in... (more)By RequestPic9A24-B5517
Komori L 2401990 Komori L 240 Year 1990 2 Colours Size 72 x 102 88 Million impression Komori matic dampening Quick action clamps Chromed Cylinder Powder Spray Standard equipment Machine is free od cylinder's & gear's damages can be seen in production Avalaible immedi... (more)Pic12B2-K1451

4 ColourCurrency Converter
MakeModelYearDetailsPriceGT Ref
KomoriL 428 EM1997Size: 52x72 Nb of impressions: 34 mio Nb of color(s) 4 PQC Komori (Print Quality Control) - KMS (Komori Monitoring System) - S-APC (Semi Automatic plate mounting) - Cocking Register - Auto. Waching Device : Blanket Cylinders & Inking rollers... (more)96,000 GBP CIFPic9C19-U5845
KomoriLithrone 4262005Manufactured in December 2005, Komorimatics, preset is not available, only 20 million impressions, Semi-Auto Blanket Cleaner, Semi Auto Plate, PQC, AMR. Machine in Excellent Condition. Our Ref 23128... (more)330,000 US LOCPic8L9-L5940
KomoriLithrone 4281991Semi automated platechange Komorimatic dampening PQC remote control Plate cooking Automated washers 13 000 sheets/hour IR dryer Machine is service and manually cleaned. Perfect condition. Available immediate from showroom.... (more)Euro 135 000.Pic9D20-K0734
KomoriLithrone 4401998Only 67 million impressions 15 000 sheets/hour Remote control PQC 3 Preset AMR Full automated platechange Komorimatic IR dryer Ink temperature control All washers Chromed cylinders and much more... Serviced and manually cleaned. Availab... (more)Euro 265000Pic9D20-L0343
komoriLS44020032003 Komori LS440 sheet size:28X40 cm 4 Colors Specification: AMR Automatic Make Ready for sheet thickness, S-APC Semi*Automatic Plate Changing, AIRC Automatic Ink Roller Cleaner, ABW Automatic Blanket Washers*Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaning*N... (more)225,000 EuroPic8F5-Q3754

5 ColourCurrency Converter
MakeModelYearDetailsPriceGT Ref
KomoriL 520+LX2001Equipped with: PQC Automatic plate changers All Blankets and rolls washer Ir dryer Computer control linked to PREPRESS CIP3, Double cylinders,printing up to 0.6MM thickness.70 Mio Imp,in production. Press will be delivered clean and painted... (more)275,000 EuroPic8C27-L4224
KomoriL528+C1997Komori L528 + C *5 Colour color sheet Size 20 x 28 PQC Console*KMS Monitoring System*Komorimatic (Delta Effect) Dampening*MGE Royse Refrigeration*Tower Coater*Extended Deilvery*IVT IR Drying System*56 million impressions count also available immediat... (more)295000 EuroPic8K26-L1959
KomoriL540+C1995Semi Automatic Plate Changer*PQC Console*Plate Cylinder Cocking*AMR Automatic Make Ready for Paper Size* New Komorimatic (Delta Effect) Dampening*Royse Refrigeration*Water Chilled Vibrators*72 Million Impression count Available now.... (more)225200GBPPic8K26-K5908
KomoriLithrone 5282002auto blanket and roller cleaner,SAP,ink roller roller temperature control, KMS IV, PC System and CIP 3 Krelus IR Dryer, Paper thickness and size preset facility 29 mil imp. Our ref: 23169... (more)365,000 USD LOCPic8L9-M0944
KomoriLithrone 6401996Number of impression:79 mio Max. paper size 710x1020 mm Smallest size 360x520 mm Image area 710x1030 mm Plate size 800x1030 mm Speed 15.000 sh/h KOMORIMATIC dampening system PQC Print Quality Control APC automatic plate changing system Coo... (more)50,000 GBP CIFPic9A16-Q5035
KOMORI Lithrone LS 5402004number of impression: 75mio Technical details Max. paper size 720x1030 mm Smallest size 360x520 mm Length 10500 mm KOMORIMATIC dampening system PQC Print Quality Control APC automatic plate changing system PDCS print density control spectroph... (more)330,000 GBP CIFPic9D2-U2028

6 ColourCurrency Converter
MakeModelYearDetailsPriceGT Ref
Komori L640 + LX with Coater19991999 6/Color Komori Lithrone Sheetfed Offset Printing Press w/Factory In-Line Coater Model L640 + LX (S/N 2160) Equipped as Follows: Max Format 28x40, Aqueous Coating Unit, Extended Delivery, Full Remote PQC Color & Diagnostics Controls, Sentinel A... (more)150,000 EURPic8D11-M1734
KomoriL6261990PQC, Komorimatic, Royse R&R, 80 million impressions... (more)139,000USDPic8C3-T4133
KomoriL640+LX2000No. of Impressions (millions): 124 Sheet Size: 72.00 x 103.00 cms 28.00" x 40.00" inches Specification: Komorimatic damping; Technotrans refrigeration and recirculation; PQC print quality control console; KMS press controls monitoring system... (more)By RequestPic9A24-B3647
KomoriLithrone 628+CX19936 color Sheet-Feed Offset,max. paper size: 508*660 mm (20"x26")image area: 470*650 mm,plate size: 560*670 mm,speed: 15.000 sh/h,KOMORIMATIC dampening system,Coater,Extended Delivery,ESS electrostatic powder sprayer,Infra red dryer, Overhauled... (more)48,000 EuroPic9A29-I4632

8+ ColourCurrency Converter
MakeModelYearDetailsPriceGT Ref
KOMORIL540SP2003Komori Ten Colour Offset Fixed Perfecting Press 5/5 fixed perfector. THIS MACHINE IS EQUIPPED WITH: PQC off-press controls KHS KMS IV PDC-S Komorimatic dampening system Technotrans refrigeration and recirculation Ink unit temperature con... (more)320,000 (LOT)Pic10L10-S582
KOMORI 1995L 840 P1995` 1 OFFSET KOMORI L 840 P 1995 Ref n 34140 8 Colors Size : 72x103 cm About 181 millions impressions Equipment : PQC KOMORIMATIC Non-Stop Feeder - Delivery Pierry Dryer Tri-Serv WCV APC (Automatic Plate Changer) AIRC ABW (Automatic... (more)280,000Pic9F11-S2643

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