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5 ColourCurrency Converter
MakeModelYearDetailsPriceGT Ref
HEIDELBERG SM 74-5P1999Year: 1999 Color: 5 Number of impression: 150 mio Max. paper size 750x1050 mm (29.53 x 41.34 in) Smallest size 340x480 mm (13.39 x 18.90 in) Image area 740x1050 mm (29.13 x 41.34 in) Plate size 811x1055 mm (31.93 x 41.54 in) Speed 3.000 to 18.... (more)60,000 GBP CIFPic9A24-E2237
Heidelberg102FP1984107 mil. imp., Alcolor, CPC 1.02 (more)$140,000 LOT8I7-R0045
HeidelbergCD 102 6 LYLX1993please ask for more details (more)240,500 Euro9H7-A5207
HeidelbergCD 102-5 LX2002Dedicated Coater with Doctor Chamber Blade Extended Delivery Continous Feed CP 2000 Autoplate Preset- Alcolor- All Automatic washers - Ink Temperature Control - IR Dryer 48 million impression Machine in excellent condition - totally checked a... (more)190,000 EurPic9A10-T2043
HeidelbergCD 102-5+L1992HEIDELBERG CD 102-5+L, 1992 Max sheet size - 720x1020 mm, Min sheet size - 400x420 mm. Image area - 700x1020 mm. Speed - 13000 sh/h, Power consumption - approx 90 kw ALCOLOR dampening, Automix, BALDWIN cooling & refrigeration,... (more)Pic17G7-G3256
HeidelbergCD-74-5-C2003No. of Impressions (millions): 79 Sheet Size: 53.00 x 74.00 cms 21.00" x 29.00" inches Specification: 5-colour Heidelberg SPEEDMASTER CD 74-5 C max. paper size 53 x 74 cm age 2003 CP 2000 incl. CIP-3 Preset Link ALCOLOR Vario film dampen... (more)240,000 GBP CIFPic9A24-A2838
HeidelbergCD102-5LX2001Heidelberg Five Colour Model: CD102-5LX Age c.2001 Serial No. 543*** Circa 99 million impressions Equipped with; CP 2000 Alcolor Vario System Electronic sidelays Programmable roller/blanket/impression cylinder wash from... (more)259,000 CIFPic9A13-L5536
HEIDELBERGCD102-5LX2002Format : 71 x 102 Impression : 94 million CP 2000, Autoplate, Preset, Alcolor, Alcosmart, Technotrans combined refrig/ink temp control, Ink line system, All wash-up device, Suction brush roller, Extended delivery, IR dryer, Grafix Exactronic plus... (more)180,000-EUR CIF.Pic10I8-J2221
HeidelbergCD74-5-LX2003Silver series machine CP2000 CP2000 preset link V3 Alcolor with Vario Autoplate Preset Technotrans beta C refrigeration system with ink temperature control Heidelberg drystar IR dryer Alcosmart Non stop feeder and delivery Tresu c... (more)450,000 EuroPic8B8-G4522
HeidelbergMOFPH1987CPC1.02, Alcolor, High Pile, Perfector 1/4, 2/3 Baldwin R&R... (more)USD 120,000 LOTPic8C3-V4558
HeidelbergPM -GTOF20002000 HEIDELBERG GTOF 52-5, DDS DAMPING, CIRCULATION WATER , 29 MIL MM... (more)$135,000 LOCPic8D18-K1535
HeidelbergSM 102 F19915 color Sheet-Feed Offset,max. paper size: 720*1.020 mm (28"x40")smallest size: 280*420 mm,image area: 700*1020 mm,speed: 13.000 sheets/h.power supply: 60Kw - 80,5 hp,length: 9.870 mm,width: 2.990 mm,height: 2.170 mm,weight approx.: 31.910 k... (more)50,000 EuroPic9A29-I4002
HEIDELBERGSM 102-5 P2001Equipment: CP 2000 - AUTOPLATE - PRESET *Ink Tempertaure Control * ALCOLOR dampening *Technotrans Central Refrigeration * Automatic washers (blanket and rollers) * Steel Plate in feeder and delivery * Grafix Exatronic powder spray * Air... (more)229,000 EuroPic8E2-M4349
HeidelbergSM 102-5 P2000CP 2000 - AUTO PLATE - PRESET - Ink Temperature Control - ALCOLOR dampening - Technotrans Central Refrigeration - Automatic washers (blanket and rollers) - Steel Plate in feeder and delivery With 98 Million impression count.... (more)Make your requestPic9B18-L3000
HeidelbergSM 52 5P3H19971997 Heidelberg SM 52 5P3H, 5 color CP TRONIC; CPC 1.04; AUTOPLATE; PRESET; ALCOLOR; Heidelberg IR Dryer TECHNOTRANS; Refrigeration AUTOM. BLANKET WASHERS; GRAFIX ALPHATRONIC 200 POWDER SPRAY, Perfector 2 over 3,still in production and working p... (more)58,000 EuroPic9A21-F5630
HeidelbergSM 52-5P20012001 HEIDELBERG SM 52 -5P, ALCOLOR DAMPING, CP 2000, 36 MIL MM, AUTO PLATE, AUTO WASH BLANKET, PREFECTURE 2/3... (more)$ 325,000 LOCPic8D18-K1725
HEIDELBERGSM 74-5+L199559 Mill Impression, CPC 1.04, CP-Tronic, Alcolor, Change automatic plates , Clean automatic rubbers , Clean automatic cylinders printers System drilling and numbering , Ink with plastic sheeting, Clean-automatic battery Records of plates from... (more)260,000 euroPic8G25-R4521
HeidelbergSM 74-5PH1998Alcolor, CPC 1.04, perfecting 2 / 3, Temperature The data are mechanically translated in the english language. Translation errors are possible. No guarantee for printed data and pricing... (more)55,500 GBP CIFPic8L19-Q4658
HeidelbergSM102 F+L1992Very good condition,160 M/Imp,Maintained by Heidelberg Israel,IR dryer, in production.... (more)210,000.00 EUROPic8C1-L4629
Heidelbergsm52-5199614" x 20-1/2" 5-Color Straight Format, 59mm Impressions, Alcolor Dampening, Autoplate, CPC 1.04, CPtronic, Auto Washers, (5) Royse Refrigerated Recirculation Tanks, IVT IR Dryer, Grafix Alphatronic 400 Powder Spray, In Production... (more)218,000 EUROPic8D21-O0120
HeidelbergSM74-5H1995CPC 1-04 Alcolor SEMI-APC IR Dryer (more)Pic8C20-F2209
HeidelbergSPEEDMASTER 102 FL1987Color:5 Number of immpression:95 mio Technical data: 5 COLOR WiTH COATER SERIAL NUMBER 525*** CP TRONIC CPC 1.02 ALCOLOR DAMPENIN BALDWIN NON STOP FEEDER AND DELIVERY GRAFIX IR DRYER GRAFIX EXACTOMAT POWDER SPRAY max. paper siz... (more)70,000 GBP CIFPic9C19-U3904
HEIDELBERGSPEEDMASTER 74-5 P31997Imp. 65 mio. With: - Autoplate - Alcolor Dampening + Technotrans Cooling - CPC 1.04 - CP-Tronic - Automatic Rollers, Blankets and Impression Cylinders Washers - Ink Temperature Control - Perfecting 2+3 and 5+0 - Alphatronic 200 Powder spray... (more)£65,000 GBP CIFPic9B3-L3735
KBA104-51995Dear Colleagues, Due to a Closing of large print shop We are now accepting offers for the following equipment,all equipment is in production ready for print test and delivery. All equipment for sale Individually or as package. Located 20... (more)8E4-V3531
KBA PlanetaV58 SW 31994KBA Planeta V58SW 3 for sale 5 colours format: 1120 x 1600mm 5 colours with perfecting 2+3 Varicontrol Varidamp Baldwin blanket washer... (more)9I25-N4449
KBA-PlanetaRapida 7219955 Colors,52X72,only 22 Mil /Imp!!,IR Hot Dryer,Perfect condition -in production.... (more)230,000 EuroPic8C1-L4320
KomoriL 520+LX2001Equipped with: PQC Automatic plate changers All Blankets and rolls washer Ir dryer Computer control linked to PREPRESS CIP3, Double cylinders,printing up to 0.6MM thickness.70 Mio Imp,in production. Press will be delivered clean and painted... (more)275,000 EuroPic8C27-L4224
KomoriL528+C1997Komori L528 + C *5 Colour color sheet Size 20 x 28 PQC Console*KMS Monitoring System*Komorimatic (Delta Effect) Dampening*MGE Royse Refrigeration*Tower Coater*Extended Deilvery*IVT IR Drying System*56 million impressions count also available immediat... (more)295000 EuroPic8K26-L1959
KomoriL540+C1995Semi Automatic Plate Changer*PQC Console*Plate Cylinder Cocking*AMR Automatic Make Ready for Paper Size* New Komorimatic (Delta Effect) Dampening*Royse Refrigeration*Water Chilled Vibrators*72 Million Impression count Available now.... (more)225200GBPPic8K26-K5908
KomoriLithrone 5282002auto blanket and roller cleaner,SAP,ink roller roller temperature control, KMS IV, PC System and CIP 3 Krelus IR Dryer, Paper thickness and size preset facility 29 mil imp. Our ref: 23169... (more)365,000 USD LOCPic8L9-M0944
KomoriLithrone 6401996Number of impression:79 mio Max. paper size 710x1020 mm Smallest size 360x520 mm Image area 710x1030 mm Plate size 800x1030 mm Speed 15.000 sh/h KOMORIMATIC dampening system PQC Print Quality Control APC automatic plate changing system Coo... (more)50,000 GBP CIFPic9A16-Q5035
KOMORI Lithrone LS 5402004number of impression: 75mio Technical details Max. paper size 720x1030 mm Smallest size 360x520 mm Length 10500 mm KOMORIMATIC dampening system PQC Print Quality Control APC automatic plate changing system PDCS print density control spectroph... (more)330,000 GBP CIFPic9D2-U2028
Man-RolandR-705-3b+LV2002No. of Impressions (millions): 24 Sheet Size: 74.00 x 104.00 cms 29.00" x 41.00" inches Specification: 5-colour MAN Roland R 705-3b + LV max. paper size 74 x 104 cm 5 printing units + coating unit (chamber duct) + extended delivery age 20... (more)By RequestPic9A24-B0001
MISTUBISHI 1F5150002000 Mitsubishi 1F/5/15000 + SPC (5 colour) Year 2000 Pre loader Steel plate in feeder Double sheet detection Autoplate Alcolor dampening with Technotrans cooling unit and automixer Smart card memory Auto Blanket & Roller Washers Bötcher rollers Elettra w... (more)Pic12B2-K1850
Mitsubishi3H 5 LX2001Equipment *16,000 sph, *Circa,Comrac Off Press Controls, * Semi Automatic Plate Change, * Preset, Auto. Ink Roller Wash, * Blanket & Impression Cylinder Wash, *Grafix Digitronic 3000 *Powder Spray Device, *Mitsubishi Continous *60 Million... (more)200,000 Euro8E2-M5032
Mitsubishi3H-5+TC ED20012001 Mitsubishi 3H-5+TC ED , 5 color Offset Printing Machine, Format Size: 72 x 102, Autoplate Nonstop lack,IR dryer Baldwin in production, 98 Million Impression Count, working perfectly and test possible, still available. Very Good Condition... (more)180,000 EURPic8D11-M3541
Mitsubishi5G-5+L19941994 Mitsubishi 5G-5+L, Format Sheet Size 90 x 130 cm, 5 color printing press,Comrac Off-Press Controls,Mitsubishi Alcohol Dampening EPIC Refrigeration and Recirculation,SAPC Ink Temperature Control IR Dryer, Steel Plate in Feeder Non-Stop Delivery... (more)250,000 EURPic8D11-S2730
MitsubishiDiamond20012001 Mitsubishi Diamond 5 color 28 x 40 inch with:Semi Autoplate Pre-sets Plate cocking Chrome cylinders, Auto back cylinder, blanket, & roller wash R&R,IR dryer & Spray, still in in production. Excellent condition... (more)45,000 EuroPic9A21-G0514
Roland705-3b+L19961996 Roland 705-3b+L .5 colour straight printing Year c.: 74 x 104 cm Mileage: c. 208,000,000 impressions Location: Status: Available... (more)Pic9H8-V3205
Roland RekordRFK 3 B + L19861 ROLAND REKORD RFK 3 B + LACK - Fivecolours size 71x102 cms. + lack unit - Serie 634 year 1986 - Rolandmatic dampening, 47 mil. copies - Hot air dryer, air drums, non stop feeder, antistatic bar - Refrigeration system, RCI with inks and plate... (more)56000 euro LOC.Pic8K21-K0913
HeidelbergSM 52 SM 52-8-P52000Sheet Size: 37 x 52 cm | 14.6 x 20.5 inches Colo... (more)Pic9H7-A5623
HEIDELBERGSM 74-42011number of impression: 50mio Max. paper size 520x7... (more)159,000 GBP CIFPic9D2-U1859
ManRolandR 705-3b + LV 2002No. of Impressions (millions): 24 Sheet Size: 74... (more)165,000 GBP CIFPic9C20-O0238
ROLAND R 705+L2001Number of impression: 125mio Technical details M... (more)151,000 GBP CIFPic9C20-M1430
Sakurai566SI-LX20042004 Sakurai 566SI-LX 5 Colours Sheet size: 19 X... (more)373,200 EuroPic8F5-R0017

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