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MakeModelYearDetailsPriceGT Ref
AB Dick / Ryobi4995A-ICS / 3304HA20027mil imp, Console, Powder Spray, IR Dryer, Very Clean. Comes with AB Dick2340 CTP... (more)$98,000US LOCPic8F25-P0123
Heidelberg PM 52-22004printmaster; perfecting 2/0 1/1; alcolor; baldwin refrigeration and recirculation; powder spray; easy plate; antistatic; super blue at delivery; press control; blanket washers controlled by press control; gearing for numbering and... (more)70,000 EuroPic9A10-R0402
Heidelberg SM 102-2P2002cp 2000 alcolor; alcosmart; autoplate; preset; inking unit temp. control; powder spray grafix very good condition 74 million impression.... (more)145,000 EuroPic9A10-T0836
HEIDELBERGCD 102 - 420002000 HEIDELBERG CD 102 - 4, 4 colors, Size : 72 x 102 cm. CP 2000 - AUTOPLATE - PRESET - Infra Red Dryer - ALCOLOR dampening - Baldwin Central Refrigeration - ALL Automatic washers (blanket, rollers and impression cylinders) - Steel Plate in feeder a... (more)55,000 EuroPic9A22-A0249
HeidelbergCD 102-42005Offset Press, 4 Color, 72 X 102 Cm, Year: 2005, 2Million Impression, Excellent Condition, CPC 2000, Autoplate, Auto Blanket And Impression Cylinder Wash-up, Alcolor Vario Dampening, Technotrans Refrigeration, Ink Temperature Control, 50 Cm Press Rais... (more)220,000 EurPic9A10-Q0136
HeidelbergCD 102-4 LX2005Year of manufacture 2005 Only 45 million impression Machine No 546570 In Line coating unit, chamber doctor blade system with anilox roller 60 lines/cm (150 lines/inch) (second blade system for chamber doctor blade - second coating circulation... (more)Euro 650 000Pic9D20-L1929
HeidelbergCD 74 4 LX2003CP2000 Alcolor Vario Technotrans R&R Autoplate Preset Steel Plate in Feeder & Delivery ARW Automatic Blanket Wash AIW Drystar IR Dryer Weko AP230 Powder Spray... (more) 320,000 EuroPic8B8-G3156
HeidelbergCD 74 4 LX2003Technotrans R&R Autoplate Preset Steel Plate in Feeder & Delivery CP2000 Alcolor Vario ARW Automatic Blanket Wash AIW Drystar IR Dryer Weko AP230 Powder Spray c. 30 million impressions... (more)220,000 EurPic9A10-T3412
HEIDELBERGCD 74-4P20052005 HEIDELBERG CD 74-4P- (F)size 60x74 four colour with perfecting , high pile delivery. Age: Juny 2005 44 Mill Imp CP 2000 Autoplate Alcolor Preset Alcolor Alphatronic 200 Washing impression cylinders, blanket cylinders, inking units... (more)420.000 Eur CIFPic8J21-X2442
HeidelbergCD102-41998102 x 72,188 Mil / Imp, 4/Colors, Autoplate,Cooling +IR, Very Good condition -in production.... (more)430,000 EuroPic8C1-L3922
HEIDELBERGCD102-42005Offset Press, 4 Color, 72 X 102 Cm, 2005, 2MM, Excellent Condition, CPC 2000, Autoplate, Auto Blanket And Impression Cylinder Wash-up, Alcolor Vario Dampening, Technotrans Refrigeration, Ink Temperature Control, 50 Cm Press Raise, Preset Plus Deluxe... (more)495,000 EUROSPic8D12-R3808
HEIDELBERGCD102-41996Offset Press, 4 Color, 72 X 102 Cm, Excellent Condition, Autoplate, CPtronic, CPC 1-04 Light Pen And Smart Card, Alcolor Dampening, Pre-set, Grafix Exatronic Plus Powder Spray, Electronic Sidelay, Chrome Impression Cylinders, Technotrans Refrigerati... (more)320,000eurosPic8D15-S3333
HeidelbergGTO 52 V1988Ca 40 million impressions. Remotecontrol CPC 1;01 Alcolor dampening. Baldwin refrigurater and automixer. Weko antistatic device in feeder weko powder spray Machine is cleaned, checked and available immediate from our showroom.... (more)Euro 80 000.Pic9D20-L3910
HEIDELBERGGTO 52-42002Year : 2002 Color: 2 Size : 52x74 18 Million inpression E Model Silver Guards CP Tronic Alcolor with technotrans alpha unit Manual ink keys Grafix alphatronic 3000 Powder spray device... (more)105,000 EuroPic9A11-O3314
HeidelbergGTO 52-4-P+20024 colour Model: GTO 52-4-P+ Producer: Heidelberg Format: 360 x 520 mm Construction year: 2002 Impressions: 12 mio Equipment: Plus version, Classic-Center (CPC 1-04), DDS, Weko Powder, Technotrans cooling unit,... (more)110.000 Eur CIFPic8J18-N5523
HEIDELBERGGTO52-42001Standard dampening <> Plus-version: prepared for numbering and perforating <> non stop delivery <> Baldwin Automix <> electronical double sheet control <> electronical side edge control <> Baldwin refrigeration and metering unit... (more)63.000,- EURPic8K27-M5122
HeidelbergGTOVP52-DI199414" x 20-1/2" Wide 4-Color Format, 21mm Impressions, Perfecting 2/2 or 4/0, Direct Imaging WATERLESS Printing, Presstek PearlDry Plates, Autoplate, Optional 1270 or 2540 Resolutions, Up to 16pt. Stock, Harlequin 5.3 Revision 4a RIP, Remote Console,... (more)240000 EuroPic8D21-O4501
HeidelbergHEIDELBERG GTO 52-41998max. paper size 360x520 mm smallest size 105x180 mm image area 349x505 mm speed 8.000 sh/h power consumption 7 kw length 3860 mm width 1470 mm height 1550 mm weight approx. 4690 kg perfecting between unit NO nos. of numbering blocks NO ele... (more)27,000 GBP Pic9A24-C0823
HeidelbergMOV S198519" x 25.5", Alcolor Dampening, CPC 1.02 Console, Powder Sprayer, Refrigerated Re-Circulators, Low Pile Delivery, Approx. 67 mil. imps... (more)45,000 Euro CIF Pic9A3-Q3518
HeidelbergMOV-H1989No. of Impressions (millions): 118 Sheet Size: 48.00 x 65.00 cms 18.00" x 25.00" inches Specification: CPC 1-02 with light pen and cassette; Alcolor continuous damping; Baldwin recirculation and refrigeration; Stream feeder; High pile delive... (more)ON REQUESTPic9A22-F0607
HeidelbergMOV-S198941 Million impression CPC 102 Perfecting CPC 1-01 Alcolor damping Superblue Powder Spray Bacher 2000 Register System Alcolor+Baldwin Powder Weko... (more)90,000 EuroPic8B8-U4610
HEIDELBERGMOV-S1989Offset Press,4 Color,48 X 65cm, ,Excellent Condition, Alcolor Dampening, Baldwin Refrigerator, CPC 1.02, IR Dryer, In Production... (more)58,000 EUROSPic8D12-R4911
HeidelbergMOV-S1985Offset Press, 4 Color, 48 X 65cm, 1985, 85MM, Excellent Running Condition, Alcolor Dampening, CPC 1.01, Stream Feeder, Baldwin Recirculator, IR Dryer, Powder Spray, European Machine... (more)48,000 EuroPic9A10-Q0547
HeidelbergMOV-S1987Color(s) : 4 Size : 46x64 41 Million impression CPC 102 Perfecting CPC 1-01 Alcolor damping Superblue Powder Spray Bacher 2000 Register System Alcolor+Baldwin Powder Weko... (more)55,000 EuroPic9A10-Q1518
HEIDELBERG MOVP+L1991Number of imppression: 97 mio max. paper size 480x650 mm smallest size 210x297 mm image area 472x645 mm speed 12.000 sh/h width 2450 mm height 1790 mm CPC1-03 Ink and register remote control CP-Tronic self diagnostic, contro... (more)58,000 GBPPic9B3-R1450
HeidelbergPM 52-4200420 mio imprs, available immediately counter offers welcome Alcolor Baldwin refrigeration & circulation Autoplate Plus Version Powder spray Grafix Alphatronic 200 classicCentre blanket wash-up device Sheet decurler ultrasonic detec... (more)135,000 EuroPic8K18-S3400
HeidelbergPM 74-42003manufacturer: Heidelberg model: PM 74-4 year : 2003 Format: 53x74cm max. paper size 530x740 mm (20.87x29.13") smallest size 210x280 mm (8.27x11.02") image area 520x740 mm (20.47x29.13") speed 12.000 sh/h width 2370 mm (93.31") height 2050 mm... (more)252,000 Pic8L8-I2820
HeidelbergPM GTOV2002Installed Jan 2002 24mil imp, Segmented Ink Fountain, Super Blue, IR Dryer, Powder Spray, DDS Damps, One Owner, Very Clean No Damage... (more)$130,000 USDPic8F15-U5105
HeidelbergQM DI PRO 46-420042004 HEIDELBERG QUICK MASTER DI PRO 46-4, DELTA RIP 7.5, 3 MIL MM... (more)130,000 LOCPic8D18-K1959
HeidelbergQM 46 DI2003I can offer 2003 Heidelberg QM 46 DI four color for only $135,000 USD. Available immediately 3mm impressions.... (more)$135,000Pic9C3-R2234
HeidelbergQM 46-4 DI20054 Color 32x46 1270 DPI/4mn 2540 DPI/8mn DI 4 PRO 4 Units direct imaging CIP 3 Auto washers 10.000 Sheets/Hour 557.000 Million impression... (more)75,000 EuroPic9A10-Q3515
HeidelbergQMDI Quick Master DI2001This is a plus version with 16.7 mil. imps. this press has been fully refurbished. It comes with ir dryer impression cylinder cleaner and new presstek momentum rip.Available for print testing at our show room. Delivery,installation and trainning is a... (more)$75,000.00 USDPic8K21-M2953
HeidelbergSM 102 4P2001CP 2000*AUTOPLATE*PRESET (Automatic Size Setting)*ALCOLOR dampening*Perfector 4/0-2/2 - Technotrans Central refrigeration*Automatic Blanket and rollers Washers*Steel plate in feeder and delivery*65 Million impression count... (more)Make your requestPic8K27-S5447
HeidelbergSM 102 VP19924 colour Model: SM 102 VP Producer: Heidelberg Format: 720 x 1020 mm Construction year: 1992 Impressions: 70 mio Equipment: CPC 1-02, CP-Tronic, IR, Alcolor, aut. blanket- and inkroller washing device,... (more)55.000 Eur CIFPic8J18-O1202
HeidelbergSM 102-4 P+L1999Impression count 120 mill. Perfecting device for priniting 2+2/4+0 Seoarate coating unit CP 2000, Windows NT based remote control with touchscreen Autoplate Semiautomated platechange Alcolor dampening Ink temperature control Automated blanke... (more)Euro 300 000Pic9D20-L2733
HeidelbergSM 102-4P1998Perfecting device for printing 2+2/4+0. Autoplate CPtronic CPC 1;04 Preset Alcolor Inktemperature control Automated inkroller washup Automated blanket washup Combistar 95 million impressions... (more)Euro 280 000Pic9D20-L1651
HEIDELBERGSM 52 - 4 P H + L X20022002 HEIDELBERG SM 52 - 4 P H + L X, 4 color Size : 37 x 52 cm, CP 2000 with Preset Link - ALCOLOR dampening - Royse Refrigeration - ALL Automatic washers (blanket, rollers and impression cylinders) Coating Unit - Extended Delivery - Infra Red Dryer... (more)50,000 EuroPic9A21-G4612
HeidelbergSM 52-420005.6 Million Impression, Excellent Condition, CP Tronic, Alcolor, Autoplate, Autowash, 15,000 Iph, Max. Sheet 14 1/2" X 20 1/2", Can Feed - Stream Or Sheet Feed, Spray, IR Dryer... (more)145,000 EuroPic9C22-I1343
HeidelbergSM 52-4 Anicolor2009Number of impression: 19.5 mio Max. paper size 370x520 mm Smallest size 105x145 mm Image area 360x520 mm Speed 15.000 sheets/h. Power consumption 25 kw Length 5.520 m Width 1.850 m Height 1620 mm Weight approx. 9250 kg Stock thickness 0.03... (more)85,000 GBP CIFPic9E3-U2826
HeidelbergSM 52-4-H200137x 52 cm, CP 2000, Autoplate: semi-automatic plate change system, Alcolor Automatic film dampening, Ink unit temperature control, Blanket wash-up device, Ink-roller wash device managed from console, electronical pull lay control, Powde... (more)150,000 euroPic9A10-S5621
HeidelbergSM 52-4-P2000Version: Plus version. Perfecting: 4/0 2/2. Dampening: Alcolor. Refrigeration: Technotrans damping solution reception. Equipment: CP- Tronic, CP- 2000, Autoplate,suction belt feeder, electronic double sheet control, electronic pull lay control,... (more)140,000 Euro8K27-O0152
HeidelbergSM 52-4PH+LX2002SM 52-4PH+LX 2002 ask more details (more)9H7-L1332
HeidelbergSM 74 4 H2001STRAIGHT MACHINE - CP 2000 with Preset Link - AUTOPLATE - Automatic Size Setting - ALCOLOR dampening with VARIOSystem Technotrans Central refrigeration - All automatic washers (blanket, rollers and impression cylinders) - Steel plate in feeder and d... (more)220000 Euro9A15-L2045
HeidelbergSM 74-4 H2002Only 40 million impressions perfecting device for printing 2+2 alt 4+0. CP 2000 remotecontrol Autoplate Alcolor dampening Ink temp control all washers Machine is serviced and has been manually cleaned. Available immediate direct from our Sh... (more)Euro 300 000Pic9D20-J5846
HeidelbergSM 74-4 P H2002Impression: 58 million. CP 2000 - Autoplate - Preset - Alcolor damping - All automatic Washings - Reiteration 4/0-2/2 - cooled Tables of inking CP2000 - Autoplate - Preset - Alcolor - All Automatic washers - Ink Temperature Control - Perfector... (more)195,000 EuroPic9A10-T5358
HeidelbergSM 74-4 PH2006Only 8 million impression CP 2000, Windows NT based remote control with touchscreen Axiscontrol Autoplate Semiautomated platechange Alcolor dampening Perfecting device for printing 2+2/4+0 Perfect jackets last two units Powder spray Grafix... (more)Euro 380 000Pic9D20-L3209
HEIDELBERGSM 74-4-L2000CP 2000| ink control | CPtronic Digital control and diagnos | alcolor dumpening digital control | cooling device Technotrans | without perfector - straight | electronic sheet control | Autoplate, blanket wash Imp. cyl. wash up-device | ink and dump w... (more)105.000,- EURPic8K27-M5917
HeidelbergSM 74-4H200038 million impressions Post Drupa Silver series machine CP2000 Alcolor Grafix alphatronic 200 spray Technotrans combined refrig/ink temp control Steel plate in feeder/delivery Pre set Auto-plate Roller/blanket/imp.cyl wash from CP... (more)180,000Pic9C21-J2805
HeidelbergSM-74-4-H200159 million impressions CP 2000 Alcolor Technotrans beta C combi refrigeration and ink temp control (air cooled) Alcosmart AZR Grafix alphatronic 200 powderspray Electronic sidelay control. Eltex ionisation blast on feeder Non stop del... (more)147,000Pic9A3-P5647
HeidelbergSM52-42000Heidelberg Four Colour Model: SM52-4 Age c.2000 Serial No. 203*** Circa 41 million impressions Equipped With:- CP-Tronic CPC 1-04 Alcolor Preset Autoplate Programmable roller/blanket/imp cyl from CP Tronic Grafix alph... (more)197,OOO EURO CIFPic9A13-M0149
HeidelbergSM74-4-H1998Classic center Alcolor Technotrans Autoplate HD register Eltex Alphatronic 200 Approx. 125 mio impressions... (more) 152,000Pic9D18-X3939
HeidelbergSM74-4-P-H2001CP2000,ALcolor, AUtoplate, Preset, 80 million impressions... (more)USD 395,000 Pic8C3-U0016
HEIDELBERGsm74-4p1995,Offset Press, 4 Color, 52 X 74 Cm, Perfector, 50 MM, Excellent Condition, CPC 1.03, Alcolor Dampening, Autoplate, Auto Blanket Wash, Auto Wash-up, IR Dryer, Central Computerized Water System, Light Pen, Pre-Loading Feeder And Delivery... (more)180,000 EurosPic8D12-R5921
HEIDELBERG Printmaster PM 52-42007 Number of impression: 32 mio Max. paper size 360x520 mm Smallest size 140x180 mm Image area 340x505 mm Speed 8.000 sh/h Power consumption 98 kw (131.42 hp) Length 4120 mm (162.2") Width 1720 mm (67.72") Height 1580 mm (62.2") Weight approx.... (more)65,000 GBP CIFPic9B3-M0924
HeildbergHeidelberg SM 74-4-P319961996 Totalizator 58 Mill Alcolor phrase Autoplate Heidelberg Saugbandanleger Electronic Ziehmarkenkontrolle Troller Archery Archery Automatic brake rubber& counter pressure washing facility techno trans Grafix Powder Cooling System... (more)80,000 EurosPic9B15-R5955
HeildbergHeildberg SM 74-4+L2000Alcolor Autoplate CPC 1.04 CP Tronic Technotrans Grafix powder sprayer IR dryer All automatic washing units High pile delivery Size: 52x74 Impressions: 103 million.... (more)80,000 EurosPic10C9-O2318
Heildberg SM 52-4Heildberg SM 52-41998105 mill. impressions max. paper size 37 x 52 cm 4 printing units + coating unit + extended delivery silver DRUPA 2000 version CP 2000 with Memory Plus and Preset Link ALCOLOR film dampenings ink unit temperature control cooling unit TEC... (more)82,000 EurosPic9B15-S3402
HP Indigo100020002000 HP Indigo E Print Pro Digital Printing Press 3 mil impressions, Excellent condition well maintained with service maintenance agreement Price at $16.500.00... (more)$16,500Pic9C3-R2419
KomoriL 428 EM1997Size: 52x72 Nb of impressions: 34 mio Nb of color(s) 4 PQC Komori (Print Quality Control) - KMS (Komori Monitoring System) - S-APC (Semi Automatic plate mounting) - Cocking Register - Auto. Waching Device : Blanket Cylinders & Inking rollers... (more)96,000 GBP CIFPic9C19-U5845
KomoriLithrone 4262005Manufactured in December 2005, Komorimatics, preset is not available, only 20 million impressions, Semi-Auto Blanket Cleaner, Semi Auto Plate, PQC, AMR. Machine in Excellent Condition. Our Ref 23128... (more)330,000 US LOCPic8L9-L5940
KomoriLithrone 4281991Semi automated platechange Komorimatic dampening PQC remote control Plate cooking Automated washers 13 000 sheets/hour IR dryer Machine is service and manually cleaned. Perfect condition. Available immediate from showroom.... (more)Euro 135 000.Pic9D20-K0734
KomoriLithrone 4401998Only 67 million impressions 15 000 sheets/hour Remote control PQC 3 Preset AMR Full automated platechange Komorimatic IR dryer Ink temperature control All washers Chromed cylinders and much more... Serviced and manually cleaned. Availab... (more)Euro 265000Pic9D20-L0343
komoriLS44020032003 Komori LS440 sheet size:28X40 cm 4 Colors Specification: AMR Automatic Make Ready for sheet thickness, S-APC Semi*Automatic Plate Changing, AIRC Automatic Ink Roller Cleaner, ABW Automatic Blanket Washers*Automatic Impression Cylinder Cleaning*N... (more)225,000 EuroPic8F5-Q3754
MAN ROLAND2041990RCI + CCI - Rolandmatic dampening - Weko T66 powder spray - quick lock plate clamps - sheet decurler, working perfectly still running in production and test possible, 396 Million Impression Count. Good Condition... (more)100,000 EURPic8G19-E2158
Man Roland204 TOB1998Number of Impression:110 mio ROLANDMATIC dampening RCI plate scanner max. paper size 520x740 mm smallest size 280x406 mm image area 510x735 mm plate size 605x740 mm speed 12.000 sh/h power consumption 25 kw length 5185 mm width 2710 mm... (more)45,500 GBP CIFPic9D3-B5649
MAN Roland704 3B P20044 color Installed in 2005, clean under power in production EU, CCI, RCI Piab air supply, TEHNOTRANS cooling and regfrigeration(water cooled) preparation for alcho free printing APL, ITC, Blanket and impression wash, Airglide delivery Telepresence. St... (more)65,000 Euro9B5-G1053
MAN Roland704 sw1999Impression count 160 mill. Perfecting device for priniting 2+2,4+0 APL automated plate change RCI remote control for ink and register adjustment CCI Ink regulation Automated blanket washer Automated impression cylinder washer Automated roller... (more)Euro 285 000Pic9D20-L4831
Man RolandR 304 H OB19961996 Roland 304 Year: 1996 Color :4 Number of impression: 76 mio Roland 304 4/ 0, 2 /2 Powder... (more)40.000 GBP CIFPic9D24-V5816
Man RolandR 304 OB2005MANROLAND R 304 OB Year: 2005 Color:4 Number of Impression: 98 Mio Technical data: Man Roland R304 0B Used offset printing machine, MAN Roland R304 0B Electromechanical Electronic control system and ultrasonic double sheet d... (more)150,000 GBP CIFPic9E2-N0335
MAN-Roland104-T 011994Technical data: with RCI, 4-color, Built in 1994, Format: 65x48cm 30 million print, convertible perfecting 2 / 2 spare set of rollers... (more)102000 CIFPic9A13-N4850
MitsubishiDiamond 1000 LS20044 colors,format 520 X 720mm. Equipped with: Multi plex communication System Touch screen type control with lightening (floppy disc drive) Paper size preset system Ink key remote control system (API) Refrigerated water circulator for dampenin... (more)370,000.00 US$Pic8C1-L2537
ROLAND R 304 H0B SW2000max. paper size 530x740 mm smallest size 260x400 mm image area 510x735 mm plate size 605x740 mm speed 15.000 sh/h power consumption 48 kw length 5825 mm width 2900 mm height 1870 mm perfecting between unit 2+2 ; 4-0 ROLANDMATIC dampening sy... (more)70,000 GBP CIFPic9A24-D3656
Roland28x40 Rekord19804 Color press with upgraded alcohol dampening System Perfect Condition and operating condition.... (more)120,000 USDPic8H18-J2907
RolandR 204 HOB+L19931993 Roland R204 HOB+L,55 Mio imp,Rci,Rolandmatic,IR dryer,high pile delivery.coating unit,series 262 serial 24794B.in production.... (more)130,000.00Pic8C1-L2206
RolandR 704 / 4-01996Machines-No. 26XXX Series 721 Year: 1996 Impr: 158 million RCI Roland-Matic Delta dampening PPL machine. 4-0 record changer machine Roland MABEG NonStop investors Eltosch IR / hot air dryers Grafix HITRONIC S powder apparatus exwork including all nec... (more)40,000 GBP CIFPic8L9-M4853
ROLANDR 704 3B1996Year : 1996 Colour: 4 Number of impression:175 mio Serial Number: Max. paper size 740x1040 mm Smallest size 340x480 mm Image area 715x1020 mm Speed 15.000 s/h Length 11698 mm Width 3450 mm Height 2140 mm Straight machine Central air suppl... (more)55,000 GBP CFIPic9D3-D1527
Ryobi3404 DI2002Completely refurbished. New Harlequin 7.2 RIP. IR Dryer 4mil imp. Del and Installed in Cont. US... (more)$160,000 USD8E13-S2200
Ryobi3404 DI2004Completely refurbished. New Harlequin 7.2 RIP IR Dryer 4mil imp. Del and installed in Cont. US... (more)$170,000 USD8E13-S2504
Ryobi524HXX199952X38 ,45 Mio ipm,PDS off press control,Extended delivery,Ir dryer,Alcolor,Automatic plates Changers,Double cylinders printing up to 650 Gsm (0.7mm),all washers blankets and rollers.in production.... (more)220,000 US$Pic8C1-L3117
SAKURAI OLIVER 458 EPII2000Sakuari Oliver 458 EPII Age: 2000 Circa 27 Million SPC automatic plate changing Continuous dampening system Technotrans refrigeration and re-circulation unit Suction belt feeding Automatic ink roller/Blanket wash Powder spray The machine is in good c... (more)Pic12B2-K1643
SakuriaOL458SIP20034 Colour 2/2 perfector with console. Auto perfect, auto plate change, blanket and roller wash, powder spray, ir dryer, 8mil imp... (more)$325,000 USDPic8E12-R4055
HeidelbergCD 102 - 4 L X2000Equipment: Machine with inline coater * Chambered... (more)Make your offer8E2-M4545

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